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anyone done the Warrio Dash, Spartan Race, Barbarian Challenege, Tough Mudd

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  • anyone done the Warrio Dash, Spartan Race, Barbarian Challenege, Tough Mudd

    I am lookinf for something fun and different instead of your typical road races. These obstacle course races look like lots of fun. Thinking about trying the Barbarian Challenge in 4 weeks, and warriordash in the fall. If I like those, I may try ToughMudder in the winter. Can anyone tell me their experiences with these type races?


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    I've run the Warrior Dash. It was 3 miles of mostly dirt roads and trails with plenty of obstacles. I would definitely do it again, however having looked more into it, the Tough Mudder seems like it would be more of a challenge so I will probably do that instead.

    One thing I would suggest, depending on where you live, is to get away from road running. If you can find a good trail you can find plenty of natural obstacles to give you a good workout. Fallen trees are great for sprinting to and jumping over. Some areas have rocks and trees that are perfect to climb. A good trail beats a road or sidewalk any day.


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      Hi ! I can't tell you about these races, but I've seen a thread about Spartan here, in the PB for Athletes section.
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        Ridgeback is right, if you want to do any of these start trail running immediately, especially if you're trying to be somewhat competitive and/or you care about your time. Road running can help conditioning but it doesn't translate well to the trails where these things usually happen.

        I just did the Spartan Sprint yesterday (I think it's only called a sprint because it's the shortest distance out of all their events, only being around a 5k distance) and the obstacles ranged from mild to unreal. It was a test for sure, I'm going to feel it for a few days. My friends have done Warrior Dash and that was about 10 miles or so, too much for me at present. I'd have to train up to that mileage before tackling something like that. I've also done Run-A-Moc which is less known and that was about a 5k but the hills they chose were so steep that it ended being literally a walk unless you were a front-runner, people slowed down so much that it wasn't even worth it, but it was still fun.

        Try them! I didn't train at ALL for Spartan and it was doable, but obviously having done some trail training leading up to it would matter if you want to place. I over-heard that if you win (or place?) in consecutive Spartans you can win a LOT of money, but haven't fact-checked to see if that's true.
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