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Pushups and overhead press

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  • Pushups and overhead press

    Hi everyone,

    Started primal blueprint a month ago. Already lost 14 lb., 4 on a cruise ship.

    Started LHT at the lowest level since I have not done this type of workout in years.

    I have a question: Don't the pushups and handstands hit the same muscle? Are they redundant?



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    There is some crossover but I'd say it's more important to think of them as movements rather than muscles. Both movements are important so keep doing them both.
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      Ehhh, I'd say handstands and head-/handstand pushups are more shoulder-dominant, while regular pushups are chest-dominant. Like CP said, there is some crossover, but nowhere significant enough to be redundant.
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        I agree with Velocity. Regular pushups will place more force on your pectorals and handstand pushups on your delts.


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          Originally posted by johnnyq View Post
          I have a question: Don't the pushups and handstands hit the same muscle? Are they redundant?
          Just do them both at the same time...


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            You can raise your legs in a pushup to decrease how much your legs can help, but once you go above a certain angle you'll be hitting the upper portion of the pectoralis muscle and the anterior deltoid, which are also worked in a handstand pushup. Both exercises will hit the triceps though.
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              I had the same thought while starting my Primal Fitness routine for the first time earlier today. All I can say is that I'm wiped all over so for now I'll keep at it


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                THAT KID IN THE VIDEO!!! Awesome!
                Little Saiyan