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  • one piece of equipment

    I have a $100ish to spend on some equipment for the garage what would you suggest.
    Kettlebell, sandbag, dumbbells, medicine ball.....
    Or any ideas on making homemade stuff.
    Any suggestions?

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    Go to for instructions on how to build useful workout equipment.

    Anyways the equipment you buy should be a reflection of you goals. If you want to get big and strong you should buy a squat cage, barbell and weights. If you want to become explosive you should buy a barbell and bumper plates for the o-lifts (maybe some other random stuff for plyometrics such as vertical jumps etc), if you want to look like a gymnast you should buy some adjustable rings and parralel bars, if you want "functional strength" or whatever a medicine ball, sandbag, tractor tire and hammer might be of interest. Likewise I would use kettlebells more as a conditioning tool (a fun tool at that) than a strength tool. I don't think dumbbells are as versatile as barbells unless you're in a wheelchair (you won't be able to load properly for leg and lower back exercises).


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      For $100 I'd buy/make:

      "Never Gymless" from
      A place to do pullups
      A set of pushup bars
      A jumprope
      A couple of good resistance bands from ironwoody or for leg work


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        Won't run you $100 (or shouldn't)

        Especially if you have high ceilings. Ring dips alone will make you appreciate the rings. With the rest I’d buy/make

        - PVC parallettes (these can also double as push-up handles, well sort of – google for instructions)

        - sandbag

        - weighted backpack. I haven’t done this yet but I saw at sandbags filled with pea gravel and I think you could make a pretty heavy backpack using the same material, it’s dense so it takes up little space.

        - pull up bar (either door-frame or something you can attach to the wall preferably)

        - sledgehammer (and find an old tire)
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          Thanks for the responses! I'll check out rosstraining.
          @pandadude....sorry, I should have prefaced with what I want to accomplish. I am just looking for "functional" fitness.
          Keep the ideas coming!!


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            - Rings, cheap-ish and awesome for lots of different exercises/progressions including pull ups, dips, push ups, static holds, muscle ups, squats etc. (ever see a weak gymnast? didn't think so!)
            - Jump rope, so cheap and so great!
            - A great book on how to use your own body weight efficiently and effectively Books / Audio
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              I like rings myself... you can do dips and bodyweight rows on them to start... good stuff.
              What does functional fitness mean?


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                Originally posted by denbro01 View Post
                I have a $100ish to spend on some equipment for the garage what would you suggest.


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                  Originally posted by arthurb999 View Post
                  What does functional fitness mean?
                  You know...being fit enough so that I'm functional! ; )


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                    Rings and/or a pull-up bar
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                      Yes. Rings, my precious.
                      You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                        Thanks for the link to ross training! That website will keep me busy for a while! All the fun stuff I can build.


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                          Originally posted by js290 View Post
                          I might upgrade to those in a year or so when I have a proper space to set them up. Right now I have my rings hanging from a door frame pull up bar which is VERY limiting and requires a lot of changing the heights of the rings. I also had to put athletes tape (the white kind) on my rings to prevent slipping. I believe those rings you posted prevent slipping more than mine.
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                            As has already been said - you can do so much with bodyweight work. Get yourself something to hang from - rings or a bar. And you mention the idea of being functional but without quantifying this it doesn't really mean much. What exactly do you want to be able to do? One of my big training goals is to be able to lift and throw heavy weights around - so this is what I base most of my training on. Homemade sandbags are also very, very cheap compared to most traditional free weights. My original homemade sandbag - a rucksack filled with 3 25kg sandbags - cost me $6.
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                              Like many of the others: rings and or pullup bar. You should be able to get both for 100$.
                              Elastic bands would be another good supplement.