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oh man, my adductors

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  • oh man, my adductors

    so i've been squatting and after 2 weeks of regular training, i had to take some days off to rest my adductors. am i alive, will i live? why are my adductors so garbage?

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    Do you sit down all day at work?


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      Use a foam roller, lots. Take some of the weight off and work on form. Make sure your knees are out. Strengthen your glutes and hams (glute ham raise, anyone?) DId I mention work on form?

      I've had a similar issue. Narrow your stance a bit too at least for the time being.


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        I second a narrower stance and keeping your knees out. I dealt with the same problem for a few weeks not too long ago and those two things have helped tremendously. Also, don't neglect warming up. I start with the bar x5, 25's x4, 35's x3, 45's x2, 10-15 under my rep weight x1.

        (above are pounds)


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          What Conner said, plus warm up on a rower or elliptical for 5 minutes before you ever go near the squat rack. Get your body temp up and the blood flowing to limber up the muscles.


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            If you aren't squatting regularly your adductors will be sore every time you do squat ... but luckily, the quickly adapt. Add some sumo squats at least once a week, and your adductors won't give you much trouble.
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              I had that when doing a wide-stance squat with feet pointed forward, powerlifting esque. With a shoulder width feet out I havent felt em hurting (could also be increased frequency though)


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                I brought my heels closer together and focused on keeping entire body tight. I forced it through the discomfort and the form is improving. Fifth set still messes with me a bit but it's much improved. I stretch, too. Well, my woman stretches me before bed.


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                  Should have taken weight off when I posted this. Got to 170#, tried for 176# today and failed on the last rep of second set. Took it down to 120# and am focusing on form and keeping knees out. Form is critical. I rushed it to 170.

                  Don't rush! Look at the big picture! Does it really matter, in the end, if it takes me an extra month or two months or even 6 months to get to 300#? No.

                  I took all my weights down, in every exercise, including bench, and am focusing on keeping it tight, tight muscles, tight form.