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Foot cramps while side planking?

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  • Foot cramps while side planking?

    I used to get foot cramps all the time, but since losing a lot of weight (and barefooting), I haven't been bothered by them. Now I seem to be getting them while side planking. Anybody else? Any suggestions?

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    A significant amount of force is being applied to the body from a direction it's not used to, so it's pretty normal. What I've found to help is to keep the entire body tight, not just the abdominals but also the glutes and hams, quads, etc. Also tighten the muscles that cross the ankle to increase stability there, and make sure the edge/side of your foot is contacting the ground, and not the top. It's going to hurt at first but you can't maintain the muscular tension that supports the foot and keeps the bones in place if you allow the ankle to collapse.


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      Thank you! I'll have to see how it goes... I'm pretty weak, and that's a lot to think about when you're struggling.


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        Update: Your advice worked? And just to prove it, I got tired and let my form slack and the cramps returned. Lesson learned. Thanks.