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so how should i eat if i can only exercise at night

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  • so how should i eat if i can only exercise at night

    I have two babies and the only time I can exercise is at night. and basically right after I exercise I fall asleep (I have never had a hard time falling asleep! ). So I am wondering how I should eat to support this time of exercising. I used to workout in the mornings pre-baby. Now I am doing yoga at night a few times a week. Is it ok to just do it and IF until the morning? I am not hungry after the workouts and I am usually asleep within thirty minutes of finishing about an hour of yoga. Do I really need to "refuel?" Any ideas or advice is so welcomed. thank you
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    Is your exercise at night Yoga? If so, and you can manage it, there shouldn't be any great need to eat until morning.
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      I am also interested on this topic! since I only excercise at night (one hour of Pilates training). Tipically I eat dinner before Pilates and then nothing til the morning breakfast... would it be better to eat after excercise, or maybe is same? What about breakfast?


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        Your body just waits to heal until you have the nutrients for it.
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          I am interested in people's thoughts on this matter as well. I do two hours of karate two nights a week from 8pm until 10pm, which (depending on the class content) can leave me exhausted.

          Generally I try and avoid eating heavy prior to class, so at the moment I eat a protein-less salad when I get home from work and wash it down with 16oz of water to - at the risk of sounding overly practical - "flush it through in a hurry", and then eat either some meat or some scrambled eggs followed by a protein shake when I get home.

          This strategy seems to work for me insofar as not "feeling heavy" goes, but I'm curious as to its effectiveness from a nutritional standpoint.

          For completeness here's my general shake recipe, as people seem to get excited over the potential sugar/protein/fat content of a shake they know nothing about.
          In a 12? oz bullet:
          - 1 banana
          - 1 heap tsp pure cocoa powder
          - 4-5 heap tsp pure soy protein isolate (I've guesstimated about 30g protein @ 5g/tbsp)
          - water

          Obviously this varies a bit, if I'm feeling reckless I might toss in a handful of blueberries or a strawberry or two. Recently I've been experimenting with adding 1/4 to 1/2 cup coconut milk, partly because I think I have been running a caloric deficit on these nights, and partly because it's like adding unicorn giggles to your shake.


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            I always work out on an empty stomach and usually don't eat for another 6 to 7 hours. It's never made me feel weird or anything. Just a normal part of IF to me.