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  • Push-up handles

    So, I just bought a pair. My BF owns a pair of hexagonal dumbbells and when I was at his place the other day, I tried some push-ups holding on to them and was amazed how much better I was able to do push-ups without having my wrists bent at 90* I saw the pushup handles today, they were cheap, so I bought them.
    Should I still try to do pushups the old-fashioned way and strengthen my wrists (if it's my wrists that are the issue) or am I getting more benefit from being able to do more (and deeper) pushups using the handles?

    For the sake of transparency, I should tell you that I'm still doing knee (level 3) push-ups.
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    Keep using the handles. I don't think traditional pushups strengthen wrists at all.
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      Do a mix of both - it's always going to be useful to be able to actually push against a flat surface. But for an increased range of motion you could have just done this:

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