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Fitness for a broken ankle.

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  • Fitness for a broken ankle.


    Looking for ideas for exersises with a broken ankle. will be getting physio in a few weeks when healing has got under way, but looking for things to do in the meantime. Any form on pressure on the foot, (even kneeling is painful) any general suggestions from those in similar positions?


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    You could try things that don't put too much pressure on the ankle or knee. Right away my thoughts jumped to chin ups and pull ups! Or try push ups with the one foot off the ground, this can be done on the knees as well with one leg off the ground. I would mainly stick to upper body work until the ankle is healed. I would avoid doing pistol squats with the good leg because the other one will be so weak in comparison that when you get out of your cast you'll have a huge imbalance.
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      If you have access to a pool, swimming or, my favorite, aqua aerobics. You would need to do in the deep end with a flotation belt. It's not just for elderly overweight women. You can get a hard workout. I especially do it for sprints.
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