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  • does this look?

    I have a good collection of them I have a 36, 53, 53, 70, 88. They have been toe stubbers for me for about two years (psoriatic arthritis does that) but got back into them starting about two months ago. Just C & J the 88 for reps on Monday (that was really cool for me).

    I just don't know if the training is "hard" enough. I am pushing myself just not how I used too (had the habit of going till I felt like throwing up).

    Example of a workout:

    2 x 15 swings 53lbs.

    10 x 5 snatch 53lbs.

    3 x 4 snatch 70lbs.

    5 x 3 windmills 36lbs.

    waiter walk 50 yds. each hand 3 times

    would this be considered a good lift something heavy day for PB?

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    I dont know if you have to feel like you're going to vomit for a workout to be considered tough, but is your heart really pumping fast? Are you resting in btw these sets? If you feel like you can do more than play around with sets/rest. Instead of just doing 15 swings, do them for time.


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      Heart rate is good...kettlebells are almost like sprints for me to be honest. Depending on what I am doing I give myself some time to recover between sets but have not started to time rest yet.

      What I mean by working till I vomit was my old CW style of a workout where I would do as much as possible in an hr. or more. This was always a good way for me to workout but it always would give me an injury and then I would not work out till it healed and a nasty cycle started of starting to work out over and over again hit me.

      Really I am just looking at tips for proper volume for the days I lift. Those days where I need to lift will be satiated using kettlebells most of the time as a gym really does not interest me any more.


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        Whats your goal?? You're workout looks like you've based it a little ... strange at least to me any how. Are you looking to boost your conditioning and create fat loss or build more strength. If you're going for both, I would suggest different workouts. You're on the right path, that's for sure. Let me know if you want some help building a program ... email me my friend and we can set you up with something if you like! =)
        Fitness Is A Journey, Not A Destination.


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          This is just one of the random workouts really. Looking for both fat loss as well as strength and conditioning.

          I usually have one day based on the snatch and one day based on the clean and jerk and then another day for legs thrown in every so often. It is my main source of strength training though but I do have access to a really nice gym in my apartment with enough equipment to kill myself if I wanted to. All I ever do there though is thrusters with dumbbells.

          I always like to finish my workouts with farmer walks or waiter walks, and I always have some swings. I am thinking about having some good just swing days, and I have not gotten into double kettlebells yet but I don't think I was really ready for twin 53's I found out.

          As I write this though I think I will ad a just swing day.....just for some good old fashioned torture.


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            I would recommend visiting and/or buying the book Enter the Kettlebell. Always a good idea to seek expert advice.


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              Originally posted by RezH View Post
              I would recommend visiting and/or buying the book Enter the Kettlebell. Always a good idea to seek expert advice.
              ETK is great for starters. I am running through the RKC Rite of Passage program currently. If you are looking to get lean, My Mad Methods - | Unconventional Fitness Training, Kettlebell Training, Sandbag Training has some great KB programs.


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                Kettlebells are not really lifting as most movements rely on momentum (and they are also rather light). So it is in-between sprinting and lifting-heavy things IMHO. As for the workout, I agree, look at Pavels book. Dont do KBs for time by the way. Once you have eliminated rest periods there is not much you can do to make them swing faster...


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                  Rather light? Not sure if I consider anything over 53lbs. light! Clean and Jerk the 88 and then tell me if that is light. I do agree that KB have a combination of sprint style cardio and lifting and the movements are more of a dynamic nature where you use momentum......but that is the point of using KB's I thought.

                  I'm not really trying to body build at all. I am working on doing 100 straight push ups for chest, use a roller wheel for abs. Not everything is dynamic on the KB's either, goblet squats, deadlifts (I know it isn't close to my max but it is still heavy), farmer walks, military press, RDL's the list go's on and on here.

                  They are not the end all and be all of workouts and I do know that but for me I see great results all over my body...ex: my bi's are looking nice and I have not done a single curl. I do miss real squats, real deadlifts, and hell some heavy db benching, but that is about it.

                  I think once I get to the point where I am snatching the 88 for reps of 10 I will probably start going back to a gym just for those things I miss, but lets be honest here that will probably take me 6 months and there is no telling what I will be looking like or have the capabilities to do by then! For now the KB's give me great variety and my body is responding very well to them so i will stick with what is working for me right now.

                  I am looking on T-nation articles, youtube, dragon door, for ideas on new things to I am adding variety beyond the basic swings, snatch, C &J, just seeing what others were thinking on the primality of KB's!


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                    53lbs kettlebells are light compared to a 225lbs bar - a fourth of the weight to be precise. I am not saying it is easy - 53lbs kbs start to be are quite heavy for kettlebells - but it is a different stimulus. In KBs generally your stabilising muscles max out, whilst your big muscles are doing just fine. With barbell training it is the opposite: the stabilisation is relatively easy, and it is the big muscles that get tired.

                    KB snatch is a great exercise, but it has a very different impact to traditional heavy weight training, ie squat/dead/press


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                      The math of 53 higher than 225 is simple...the problem is how they are used. Unless you are olympic lifting the 225 you will not get the same style of a workout.

                      Also the 53 is the lighter weight I use. The following example was yesterday's workout for my legs.

                      Double KB front squat w/ 53's 5 x 5
                      Double KB deadlifts 70 & 88 6 x 6
                      KB clean's 88 4 x 3
                      RDL's 2 53's 3 x 8

                      Is this workout like going to the squat rack? about a good deadlift....No again. I will however get stronger from it and my legs will develop as well. I am also getting some good short bursts of cardio in here as well because of the style you workout with KB's.

                      As long as I am ok with getting stronger in a dynamic way I think KB's are appropriate for me. They are a tool I use consistantly and I don't have to go to a gym to use them. I would love you to poo poo them after you have a good nasty workout with of those don't knock it till you try it things.

                      Now I have lots of expericence with regular lifting and even started to practice for highland games....I do know what heavy lifting is, but working out with KB's and getting my dyanmic capacity up beyond what regular training does is very attractive to me. There is an undenyable difference between the two styles of working out...I will compare this to fighting like Muy Tai and I like BJJ.....both will kick someones ass just in a different way.


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                        Double KB C&J 53's 5x5 first time doing this and it was kicking my ass a bit
                        KB C&J 70 5x5
                        Pushups 71

                        Not too bad will feel it tomorrow I think!


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                          How about this one!

                          Litvinov workout.....4 sets of these

                          70lb swings x 15 dump the bell and an uphill sprint catch breath and do it again!


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                            Don't know what to call today's workout.........

                            KB 70lbs. Snatch sets of four....followed by pushing my finance's car for 40yds......5 times

                            quick one...hard core to the bone....


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                              After the car sprints earlier in the week I was informed that my technique with the 88lbs. plain sucked and" didn't "look safe"

                              Hmmmmm guess I'm not as strong as I thought I was.....or really I just need to quit being a puss and man up!

                              Only took out one KB new friend the "Bulldog"

                              1 min. rest between sets

                              Suit case deadlift 3 x 3
                              1 leg deadlift 1 x 3 (will work with lighter weights next time)
                              KB front squat 3 x 3 each side
                              Swings 6 x 5
                              KB hold in racked position for 10 sec. 2 x each side
                              Ab wheel 3 x 8

                              pool and 30 min. of stretching legs and shoulders

                              This has been a good week with the KB's!!!