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Seeking Boston area Personal Trainer

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  • Seeking Boston area Personal Trainer

    I've been eating Primal for about six months now, and between my diet and work with an awesome integrative medicine practice, I'm starting to drop weight. I want to get into an exercise program and have tried many times but I have muscle imbalances and other body challenges that have caused me to keep injuring myself to the point where I've lost confidence in my ability to move forward with this area.

    So I'd like to search for a trainer that I can work with, but don't want to deal with someone who's going to spout all their CW at me (low fat, "heart healty whole grains", chronic cardio, etc.)

    This may be a bit of a needle in a haystack request but I'm writing here to see if there's anyone out in MDA-land who knows of a trainer in my area or at least can give me ideas on how I can find a like-minded person to work with. I live about 10 miles west of Boston.

    Thanks much!


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    What exercises are you interested in learning?


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      I've done weight training before, yoga...anything really.