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  • Is PB Fitness Effective

    Hi all,

    I recently adopted the primal diet and am curious about the fitness aspect too, specifically the lifting heavy things part.

    I currently workout at the gym 3 times a week. Each workout is based on a major compound exercise with a few more auxiliary exercises afterwards; at present I'm working on max strength so work up to a max effort set of 2 reps. For example bench press day would be:

    Bench Press - 8 x 37.5kg, 6 x 47.5, 4 x 62.5, 2 x 75, 2 x 85, 2 x 95
    Weighted Dips - 4sets x 6reps with 30kg
    Shoulder Press - 4sets x 6reps with 50kg
    Cable Flyers/Rotator Cuff Curl - 3 supersets of 8 reps

    The other 2 days are based around Squats (max 2 rep set of 120) and Deadlifts (max of 140). I alternate these sessions with more volume based work every 6-8 weeks. I am 24, 5'9", and weigh a little under 75kg (165lbs).

    I simply wanted to ask what people's thoughts were on switching to the Essential 5 Movements progressions laid out in Marks ebook? (Although in all probability I would cycle it in and out with more gym based workouts similar to what I do now e.g. 6-8 weeks on/off).

    Would it allow me to continue developing strength (and hopefully some LBM)? I'm particularly interested if there are any (reasonably) advanced lifters who have made the switch to purely bodyweight exercises and reaped significant benefits.

    Apologies, for the long post, any feedback much appreciated
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    Absolutely... as long as you keep progressing and or add a weight vest... you can build lbm.


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      I have done powerlifting (mostly) for the previous 10 years. When I switched to Primal, initially, I went full in and only did the fitness stuff and some of the MovNat things that I saw floating around. While I did like them, I missed the weights. I have everything I need here in my basement, so it was sort of going to waste as well. About 3 months in I switched back and most of my lifts had gone up. Couple of the ancillary things were lacking, but squat dead and bench were all there. I think a lot of it had to do with core issues and that lifting extremely heavy shit all the time takes a large toll, especially as you age. I hit 40 this year and haven't felt this good in at least 5 years. I lift heavy for 3 weeks and take a 1 week primal fitness "break" and it seems to be working great.
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        I refuse to go to a gym. My primal workouts consist of pushups (about 250 every other day spread over 8 hours), 50 or so chin-ups and 30 or so pullups, long walks on days I don't do the above with squats thrown in, and once a week do sprints for about 15 minutes at very high intensity. I've gained 2" around biceps and lost 4" around waist since January. A month ago I started IF'ing and added in carb re-feeds recently. I feel better than I ever have in my life and I'm 45 and did 21 years in the military.