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Stall or gains diet related?

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  • Stall or gains diet related?

    So I'm not sure which forum is best for this, but this is an issue for those who train regularly, track their progress and also have some sense of what they are eating.

    More specifically, this is what I am thinking about. Have been lifting since beginning January 2011. I certainly know beginner gain rate ends 2-3 months and after that much harder work. But this past month (so 5th month) gains were least of all. I also happened to have a lot more whey powder (just to try) and much less pemmican (which I was using as post workout first couple months). I am going back to pemmican next month to see. Anyway else have any thoughts here?

    Theory: whey not what it's cracked up to be. Red meat probably better. Dried and powdered red meat the very best thing, despite any fat that would slow down digestion and therefore time to reach muscles.

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    When gains stop, it's usually a recovery issue. I'm assuming you are talking about muscle addition and or strength. More rest between workouts and/or less hammering(usually volume) of the muscle during the workout.

    More rest example: 3 days rest instead of two.

    Less Hammering Example: Cut a 5 compound move workout down to 3. Cut a general 8 exercise workout in half.

    Whey is not going to help. You can stuff all the protein you want into yourself, of various sources, and it will not help the problem.

    A beginner might also experience the problem of lack of proper intensity or time under load to involve as much fast twitch muscle fiber as possible. And, when you tax that fast twitch properly, you need to give it ample rest to recover(days, even past a week). Slow twitch recovers very quickly.
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      Thanks for your thoughts. Ya that could be it. I actually worked harder this past month than ever, but gains were least.