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Where did you buy your Vibram FiveFingers?

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    Originally posted by Aly View Post
    So I started the PB on Sunday, and I've been "testing the waters" and easing myself into the whole routine. Today, I Moved Around A Lot at a Slow Pace for the first time, or at least, the first time for the purpose of this lifestyle. I had read the numerous suggestions to move like Grok--shoeless--or at least close to it. I didn't own a pair of Vibram FF's, and to be honest, not a single pair of sandles nor flip-flops. So after an hour of 2mph walking on the concrete road of my neighborhood (though about half the time, I was walking on my neighbor's grass), I've got blisters. Two small ones on both feet and an inch-long one on my left foot. My right foot is alright but I'm hobbling on my left foot.

    So I think tomorrow I want to buy a pair of Vibram FF's and I want to know a couple of things: where did you buy them? how much were they? and should I continue Moving Around A Lot at a Slow Pace tomorrow if I get the VFF's, or should I wait for the blisters to heal?

    Edit: I'm worried since I'm new to this that if I take a break from the exercise already, I might not get back into it. I tend to dump projects that I take breaks on.
    Westfield Shopping Centre, London. Not sure whether this is any good for you though....

    Love them by the way! Vibram Five Fingers (“VFF”) KSO’s vs Merrell True Glove | Thor Falk


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      direct from Vibram when they do have my size.


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        Definitely recommend going to a store to find your size, as others have said. I just recently ordered my second pair from They offer free shipping and are currently running a sale on Vibrams Vibram Fivefingers Sale at City Sports. They are real, as far as I can tell.