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  • Newb with a question

    Hi guys, new here to the forum and to PBF, though have been toying with a paleo lifestyle for about two years off and on. I'm back on now and want to incorporate some healthy/not boring exercise. Previously I would go to the gym and use those awful machines and feel like a zombie. No Mas! I stumbled across the PBF ebook and read it. I'm pretty new to this and not in great shape, I am doing level 1 for all 5 movements and noticed a problem doing my first LHT on Tuesday ...

    Level 1 Wall Squats - I can't seem to do these very well, it is harder than doing air squats for me. Either my feet are far enough away from the wall to get a full squat motion yet the leaning against the wall fights me on the way back up causing my to lean away from the wall and onto my toes ... or my feet are close enough to the wall that getting back up isn't an issue but I can only get about a 45 degree angle on my thighs. There's literally no more room for me to go down between me and the wall. Should I only be going down that far? I know I'm doing something wrong here, help me out!

    Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks =]

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    If air squats are easier, do them! Or squat holding a bar/table edge for support, just be wary of using too much support that your legs don't adapt.