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    As an independent working woman, I always wanted every convenience device I could get (actually, my husband was one of those.)

    As a retired Primal woman, I'm going the other way.

    Arm and shoulder toning:
    1) Making a little butter every few days with the old "shake the jar 'til the milk turns to butter" method is a nice, fun exercise session.
    2) hand washing underwear, casual Ts and shorts, dish towels, etc., gives good exercise between agitating the clothes, rinsing, and wringing them out.
    3) Doing dishes by hand (no choice on that one, as I now live in an RV) uses a little more energy.
    4) Heavy use of the slow cooker (and it's full) is one of my "lift heavy things" items. I've had the slow cooker going almost every day since I embraced Primal. Very rich bone broths!

    Since I don't have a yard to mow or garden, I have a container garden and I play on large rocks frequently when walking the dogs.

    My daily activity has really picked up since I chose to make my life less "convenient" and new opportunities pop up every day!

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    Right on. I almost always take the stairs if it's just a flight or two, sometimes more. I couldn't believe this picture of escalators leading up to a bloody 24-hour Fitness (linking to article on Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.)


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      I stopped regarding my outdoor job as a lot of going back and forth carrying things.
      It is actually a treasure trove of exercise!
      Forgot a tool? Back to the truck which is parked half a block away from the worksite.
      Have to go to the tap? Break out the 68 pound Werner ladder and carry it to the pole with a full climbing belt+tools.
      Service call in a 3 story house? Bring on the stair sprints!
      I'd just been looking at it wrong all this time.
      "Wait! I'll fix it!"
      "Problems always disappear in the presence of a technician."
      "If you can't improvise, what are you doing out in the field?"


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        Love the attitude everyone! Grok on!!!
        The more I see the less I know for sure.
        -John Lennon


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          In January I took a different job within the same organization, and my new office is a half mile farther away from my home, and it's a half mile away from where a lot of our meetings & such take place. I was thrilled! Now I get paid to walk more! And my walk in increased from 1.5 miles to 2 miles! I love it!

          The others think I'm nuts. But I get to walk past the horticulutre garden multiple times a day! I love being inefficient.