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Running, sorry if it has been asked.

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  • Running, sorry if it has been asked.


    I have been primal for over 5 months now and I run maybe once every two weeks (only 2 miles usually).

    Before this lifestyle, in my CW days, I ran over 30 miles a week easily. Looking back I definitely suffered from Chronic Cardio.

    I am probably going to get back into running. I was wondering how much running is too much. I would like to do 3 miles twice a week on average. I plan on never forcing myself to run if I am not feeling it. Is 2 times a week a good balance?

    Also, what is the optimal primal before/after nutrition for running? Apple before? Eggs after? What macro's would be best for me? I ask because I know running isn't the best workout for this lifestyle and I understand interval drills and sprints would be better(still plan on doing these as well, I would like to do some jogging to unwind mostly or cooldown after workouts.)

    Sorry if this was confusing and thank you guys in advance for your help.

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    It's fine. I'd recommend doing 1, 3 miler and 1 day of hill sprints.


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      Sounds a lot like how I used to be, during my CW days I logged like 30+ miles a week too. I still run occasionally, but not the crazy distances I used to do. I will generally run about 5 miles when I do run and I will do it usually once, sometimes twice a week if I have time. I just pretend that I'm doing a persistence hunt.

      I also prefer trail running to slapping the pavement.
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        Most weeks I'll walk/jog for most of the day, but lately the weather's been horrible. Oh, LC is fine for this.
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