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June Fitness Challenge – Win a Signed Copy of Everyday Paleo

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  • June Fitness Challenge – Win a Signed Copy of Everyday Paleo

    Interested in a chance to win a signed copy of Sarah Fargoso's new book, Everyday Paleo? Just stop by my blog, and leave me a comment with your June fitness goal. A single winner of the book will be selected on June 1.

    My personal goal is to work 20 hours during the month on my shoulder and hip mobility. And for an added twist, if I fail to meet my goal, I plan to write a check for $200 to support the raw food vegans at 30 Bananas a Day. This would be painful for me as their dietary and nutritional philosophy is 180 degrees from everything I believe in. I think I will be adequately motivated!


    My June Goal: 20 hours of hip and shoulder mobility work
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    Ummm, not to be a killjoy, but why don't you give that check to a cause that supports your chosen lifestyle rather than encourage the banana people?
    My food blog, with many PB-friendly recipes


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      Ajax - Good question, but I only plan to write a check if I fail at my goal, and this gives me great incentive to do the work (as I absolutely do not want to support the banana people). If I picked a group like the Weston A. Price Foundation (for example), the incentive to meet my goal would not be there as I am happy to support them.



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        If you haven't already, check out Kelly Starrett's Mobility WOD, lots of great mobility stuff there.


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          Excellent site Andrea - I had seen it a month or so ago, but somehow lost track of it. I will definitely use it for some programming during June.