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some cool PRs

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  • some cool PRs

    1) my 12 year old daughter asked me for help in putting together a workout routine. Got her doing a version of PBF (wall pushups, body rows, air squats and planks).

    2) I hung a manila rope over a branch of my big tree about 10 feet or so off the ground, and my kids were going crazy climbing it. Thankfully, my wife is of the mind that "kids should climb trees" not "OMG, someone is going to break their leg!"

    3) Stupidly, tried to deadlift 15 lbs more than I had the week before, got two reps out of it (although I'm fairly certain I saw the face of God on the second rep), couldn't break it off the floor on the third. Rather than quit, I dropped 10 lbs (so that I was still an increase of 5 lbs over last week's PR), and got 5 good reps out of it. As I told my family "my eyes were bigger than my muscles."

    But I'm most proud of 1 and 2. Get them started early.

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    Right on, man.


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      Great ideas for kids! I'm going to try the bodyweight exercises with my scrawny 10 year old. And we have the perfect tree for a rope swing. Now just need to find a rope.
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        Originally posted by Abu Reena View Post
        Get them started early.

        Congrats on the deadlift PR as well!
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          thanks, Al, but the beauty of doing a Starting Strength or any linear progression is that almost every session is a PR!


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            Yay for starting them early! My 1.5 year old was doing squats with me just a minute ago, then tried out some planks and pushups with me and DH. This kid will be hardcore ripped by the time he hits preschool, LOL!


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              Oh yes, tree climbing is a favourite of mine, definitely! (And I'm 20, lol)
              I want a manila rope sooo badly! Rope climbing is so much fun, too!

              Awesome kids you have! Also, I have the impression that some parents are just waaayy too over-protective. At age 6 and 8, my sisters carried me up and down our staircase while I was still a toddler. Most people would freak out over that, but my mom thought it was alright - keeping an eye on them, of course