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What Are the Top Fitness Video Blogs?

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  • What Are the Top Fitness Video Blogs?

    I'm looking to track down the best video fitness blogs out there.

    Recently I ran across while lurking around here. I think the site is pretty slick and the fact that her and her husband are so consistent on getting content up is great. On the flip side, while Zuzana may be easy on the eyes,t at times it's a bit distracting. Also, being a man, I'd like to tap into some male content as well.

    One of the major reasons for this is that I'm thinking of starting up my own fitness blog and would like to put together a list of "best practices" from other sites before doing so.
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    MobilityWOD is great, albeit with a very special focus


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      I wouldn't class mine - Sandbag Fitness - as anywhere near being the best but I can give you some tips if you are going to use Blogger.
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