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Vibrams for only $7?!?!

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  • Vibrams for only $7?!?!

    Well, not quite, but very close. Maybe even better. Let me explain.

    I tried a friend's Vibrams last Thanksgiving, and while they totally changed my running style for the better, the separated toes were uncomfortable and gave me blisters. I guess I have a weird toe length ratio, but the middle toes were cramped, and the outer toes had too much room left. That combined with the WAY HIGH price tag turned me off from every trying to get some (plus they kinda look goofy).

    When I heard that people were using cheapo watershoes as a sub for Vibrams, I knew I had to try it. I after trying on every pair and style of mens and womens watershoes at Wal Mart last night at 3AM, I finally found a pair that fit me like a glove for only $7. They don't look any different than regular shoes from a distance, they have an elastic drawstring that lets you zip them up as tight as you can stand, and they don't have the separated toes which makes putting them on take DRAMATICALLY less time. Also, no blisters between my toes! I went for a run in them this morning and WOW! Even more comfy than the Vibrams IMHO. I took the footbed out so it feels like I'm running barefoot with just a thin layer of armor between me and the sidewalk. I HIGHLY recommend you try this method if you have always wanted Vibrams but can't find any/can't afford any. I can honestly say that I prefer them!
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    DH has some Walmart watershoes that he wears as slippers. I've been known to wear them when I'm riding my exercise bike because they give my toes wiggle room yet still support my foot a bit.
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      Cool beans.

      I will keep this in mind. Just can't justify 80$ for Vibrams.


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        I started this $8 watershoe experiment 2 weeks ago. I walk on pavement in them for about 12 hours total per week, and they aren't looking great. No holes in the soles yet but they are definitely deteriorating. But, considering that VFFs can withstand only 3 months or less of that kind of walking, $8/month on barefoot-like shoes isn't so bad.
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          I got a pair a month ago!! LOL I thought I was being strange.. good to know,not so much! Heheheee