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strength training and weight gain

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  • strength training and weight gain

    I am asking this out of curiosity not of concern - this is not meant to be a "woman concerned of becoming bulky- post"...I have noticed that since I had started to seriously train with heavy weights the scale went up. I have neither changed my calorie intake nor my macronutrient ratio. From how I look I would think that it is possible that the majority of the weight I gained is muscle. But how is it possible without eating more calories? I cannot make muscle which is tissue and needs energy, out of nothing...I remember having read somewhere that muscle require less calories than fat so theoretically I could have "used" the calories I normall eat to build muscle triggered by the strength training but than again I must have lost some fat because I created a slight calorie deficit for my muscles needed them to develop? I think this is too good to be true for losing fat while gaining muscle seems to be elaborate and very difficult to achieve. And I already was relatively lean so it wasn`t that my body desparately needed some lean mass...Does anyone have an idea?

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    In all likelihood, you are retaining water to repair the muscles. I lift heavy now (following a 2x/week Starting Strength linear progression approach) and I am 2-3 lbs heavier the day after I lift, but it all flushes out over the next few days.

    You can't build muscle and gain weight without eating more calories unless you are overweight, in which case your body can cannibalize the fat as energy to spur on muscle growth, assuming your protein intake is sufficient. So, I'm guessing it's retained water.