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Tips and tricks for JUMP-starting my program?

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  • Tips and tricks for JUMP-starting my program?

    Just started about a week ago after purchasing PB. Did my first sprints and 2 WOW's.

    Just wondering if there are some suggestions for a real weight-loss "jump-start," or if that's the wrong attitude to have altogether? I don't expect instant results or to lose more than the 1.5-2 lbs per week recommended, but I want to use every edge I can.

    Should I cut the carbs to below 50g? I'm at around 75 right now.

    More or less exercise than the suggested walking and 2 sprints/ WOW's per week?

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    I would wait a bit before getting too crazy with carb cutting. If you have a lot of weight to lose then going low in carbs will help but you may also experience discomfort and lack of energy as a result. If you don’t have that much to lose I personally found going very low on carbs really didn’t do much towards budging fat and now that I eat more carbs (70-200g depending on activity) I actually am losing more.

    I would advice to just keep it basic. Eat your meat and vegetables, if you come from a background of heavy grain consumption that change alone will be enough to kick-start weight loss.

    I made the mistake of cutting carbs very very low and it didn’t really help. I got used to this VLC (very low carb) lifestyle so I attributed my stalling to not doing enough physical activity but upon re-introducing more vegetables and starches (mostly potatoes) I actually started losing and seeing more definition without dramatically changing how I workout.

    Note: I did add sprints back, and of course those are a great tool for fat loss but I still think upping my carbs has helped. I curbed the fat a little, but still eat fat especially on rest days.
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      No there really aren't and "tips and tricks" to it, and in general I'd encourage you to adopt a very long-term view of this whole thing. Sounds like you came mainly for fat loss, many of us did, and we stayed for all the other health benefits. 2 lb / week is very rapid fat loss, it can certainly be done (by some people) but you will plateau, backslide, etc., like everyone else. Instead, do this:
      1) go take a photo or three of yourself, and measure your waistline with a tape measure.
      2) every month take a new photo wearing those same clothes, and measure your waist. The photos and measurement are a far better progress indicator than....
      3) throw away your scale. Throw it away. There are many good reasons for this, trust me. One thing happens once the initial water weight is gone is that you start to build muscle which is quite heavy. Body "recomposition" is even better than simply weight loss, and the scale can't measure it.
      4) start a journal on this forum, and keep track of your digestion, sleep, any excema, hair issues, all that stuff. You might be shocked at how many "ah you're just getting older" problems literally disappear after a few months of this.
      Good luck and don't sweat the small stuff!
      If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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        Good advice.

        Yes I enjoy telling co-workers and family when they ask about the eating side of the PB. I just tell them "meat and veg!" So simple.

        I wouldn't say I was "crazy" with grains, but according to all of the research Mark bases the program on, I was still eating way, way too much before I started. Egg with toast for bfast, sandwich and chips for lunch (sometimes with diet or regular coke!), curry with flat-bread for dinner with apple juice. Of course, now I've cut out sugar and grains entirely.

        That's why I started this program tfarny- it seems entirely sustainable for a long-term or lifetime. I think I craved some crackers the first couple of nights (resisted the urge), and now I'm just fine. Yesterday I went to Salsarita's (a "fresh mex" place in Charlotte) with co-workers, and happily enjoyed steak on romain lettuce with tomatoes, guacamole, onions, and just a dash of cheese. No chips or tacos and I felt great and very satisfied.

        Switching to water as my only beverage was a little tough but I am adapting just fine. Identifying cola as "poisonous" has made me lose my desire for the stuff.

        Understanding that foood is NOT a "cumulative" effect on our insulin, genes, or weight has helped me a lot. What I mean is, we can no longer say "well I only had x amount of grains this week." Knowing rather that grains are a very bad genetic "trigger" helps follow the program strictly without feeling Im missing out.

        Just came in from sprint intervals, and I feel great. I've run track, played tennis, and trained in all manners of intensity throughout my life, and it's a little strange doing a 15-minute workout! Just going to have to trust the hormonal research.

        I think my next challenge is to get the sodium down. Got bacon in bulk from the health-food store, but they didn't have the low-sodium stuff. Salt is everywhere!! ):
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