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I need to know people's views on Spinning and cardio

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  • I need to know people's views on Spinning and cardio

    I've recently decided to give up teaching my spinning classes, i used to teach 1 every week sometimes 2, and lately they have gone down to 1 every other week or 2 every other week. I work full time and spinning was just pocket money 15 per class, which i'm not bothered about.

    i attended the class last night, although i wasnt teaching, and as i looked around the room at all the girls with podgy mid riffs bouncing in thier seat with zero resistance on the bike i thought, this cant be what we're supposed to do. All these girls had been coming spinning for about a year now and had seen little or no progress, it cemented in my mind that it was definatly diet and HIIT that made the difference. once the class was finished after nearly 50 minutes of spinning, we continued on to do 10 mins of abs. the class was totally unrealistic and i felt tired, sick and light headed afterwards. i felt hungry all night, its surely counter productive.

    i would love to know everyone else's views on cardio, since i have gone paleo i have found 10-15 min cardio HIIT is best and cant reccomend it enough, i feel its more natural to our human body. Also its more realistic and mich easier to fit around my life having shorter more intense sessions.

    i would also like to know what people think of my new training schedule which is going to be:

    2 x weight sessions
    work out 1

    one leg squat 3 x 5
    clean and press 3 x 5
    chins 3 x 5

    work out 2
    one leg squat 3 x 5
    dips 3 x 5
    bench press/press ups 3 x 5
    dead lift 1 x 5

    2 x 10-15 min HIIT sessions - sprinting/cycling/jumping etc

    so 4 work outs per week, i hope to see as much if not more progress then the first few months of being paleo with the new routine. i really feel that banishing the CW of cardio i will finally be on the straight and narrow to becoming the best version of myself.

    lucy x

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    I love your work out schedule. I wouldn't change a thing except maybe do barbell squats 1x a week.


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      I agree with arthurb999 your set up is great. In the past I would've given a thumbs down to barbell squats but not so much anymore, however, pistols will cover you for quite a while (pistol=one leg squat)

      I'm not a fan of spinning, you already mentioned it doesn't really help much and I mostly don't like how it keeps further perpetuating the idea that one must do intense cardio sessions in order to lose weight which is just flat out wrong. People would benefit so much more from adjusting their diet and strength-training, especially women.
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        I did spin class once a week for a few months while I was recuperating from a broken ankle and couldn't do much else. The room was filled with chubby middle-aged women who do it a few times a week; I see them STILL doing it when I'm out on the floor using the pull-up bar and free weights, and they all look exactly the same.

        I believe it's where the phrase "spinning your wheels" comes from.


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          I'm going to be the contrary voice: spinning CAN be a good workout. Done correctly, it's high intensity interval training and 50 minutes is a fine amount of time for it. It's not the chronic cardio Mark warns about unless done excessively (perhaps two back to back classes would be). It's not steady state if done right. The issue with your class is that the women don't seem ot get the "high intensity" part.

          That said, your workout looks good, wouldn't change a thing until your one-legged squats get too easy. And if you enjoy spinning, keep doing it. If not, no big loss.


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            we dont have a squat rack at the gym i go to, we only have a smith machiene and it hurts my back and knees if i do squats on it, got any advice?


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              Originally posted by lucyewok View Post
              we dont have a squat rack at the gym i go to, we only have a smith machiene and it hurts my back and knees if i do squats on it, got any advice?
              I don't have a squat rack either, my barbell squat is weak from months and months of being off it (and months of months of inferior leg training) but I'm doing back squats I can manage for now, zercher squats are tough on the skin but i'm trying to find ways around that because it seems one can safely undertake more weight that way without putting it on your back. youtube "dead start zercher squat" to see what I mean. Watch your skin though, put something in between the bar and your skin.
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                i did enjoy spinning, but i cant keep doing it as it takes up too much time, as i have to plan for them etc etc. i really want to be able to choose what i do with my work outs and really think HIIT is best


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                  oh my lord!!! that looks awesome, you look like you're a bear doing squats like that hahahahaa!!!! love it, i am going to give it a try tomorrow!!


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                    Teach a spinning class by doing "sprints" and there's nothing wrong with it. Teach those women the primal way and let them out early-- get "results-oriented" with them!


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                      thanks so much for the complements and feedback! everyone on here is so helpful and its a real push to my motivation knowing i have a tool like this to ask people for advice!

                      i'll post my progress in a months time maybe


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                        You can front squat out of a bench rack if you know how to do that, but a gym without a power rack probably has a lot else wrong with it. I'd switch gyms. I find the one legged squats to be more of a balance drill than a lower body workout, to be honest. Proper barbell squats, deadlifts, and running sprints are a pretty complete "lower" routine as far as I'm concerned.
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                          I'd stick with the single leg then and do hill sprints... hill sprints build leg muscle.


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                            While there’s definitely a strong balance component to the pistol I don’t think it should be dismissed as a lower body workout. It’s a different type of challenge and I personally like them a lot. It’s not worth comparing them to barbell squats, different beast altogether. I make room for both in my training and I’m loving barbell squats/deadlifts.

                            Tfarny, you ever try shrimps? You might have an easier with them than I do, but I definitely feel those! Check out Al Kavadlo’s blog/youtube for them. The variation where you hold your non-working leg behind you (as if to stretch the quad) is pretty brutal but I admittedly have weak quads right now… I mean you’ve seen my jeans lol not much leg muscles to speak of but I’m working on it.
                            I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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                              i've been paleo now since february, and i switched my workout to only doing work outs including deadlift, squat, chins, dips, press. i do sprinting but my stupid spinning sessions were getting in the way. i also am full paleo in terms of diet now, and looking and feeling the best ever!

                              we are trying to get a squat rack in the gym i use, but i get it for free and its a pretty good gym, i live in the uk and our gyms arent quite up to our us counterparts gyms unfortunatly