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Good Exercises for Injured Primalists

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  • Good Exercises for Injured Primalists

    Hello All,

    I recently sprained my ankle and I won't be able to walk for the next few weeks. Does anyone know of any good exercises I can do even with a sprained ankle? I just need to stay active.

    Any info those of you, more experienced in primal living than I, could provide would be extremely helpful.


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    Anything hanging from a bar (pull ups, muscle ups, leg raises etc.) and some seated work would be fine. Is your ankle too bad to support weight or just walk?

    I dislocated my knee 15 years ago and I got really good at pull ups and push ups - use it as an opportunity.
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      I can't support any weight just yet. I'm on crutches currently and the doctor said for the next two weeks.


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        Pilates - most of it is core work done lying down.
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