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How To Kick Like Anderson Silva / Lyoto Machida!

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  • How To Kick Like Anderson Silva / Lyoto Machida!

    Alright, so I've made a second YouTube channel dedicated to my life long passion of martial arts. I just uploaded the first video about performing twist front kicks, and jumping twist front kicks like the ones we've seen recently in the UFC performed by Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida. Enjoy!! =)

    YouTube - ChouYuenDo's Channel
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    Hmm. I notice you lack Steven Seagal in these videos...
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    The way "" should have looked:


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      Thanks man. I subscribed to your channel so I can get a learned up.
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        When I was doing taekwondo twist kicks were always one of my favorites. They just came naturally to me. I got more points with those than with anything else I think. It throws people off when your hip is going one way and then BAM! it changes direction and your foot is in their face! They also work well at pretty close range.

        Another fun thing is to combine a regular round kick and follow it up directly with a twist kick; hit 'em from both sides!

        Edit: Just watched the video. That's not the same twist kick I was thinking of. Why's the one you demonstrate in the video called a twist kick? I was thinking of this kind:
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          I believe the correct name for that kick is "Crane Technique".
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            @IcarianVX: Thanks for subscribing, I'm glad you enjoyed the vid and I'll have a lot more up there soon!

            @yodiewan: It's just different names for techniques, in the Karate style I was instructed in the back leg straight kick with no step up is called a twist kick. The kick that you posted and refer to as a twist kick is one that I call a crescent kick or an outside crescent kick.
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              Thanks for the clarification Tim. Interestingly at my old TKD school there was another kick that we referred to as crescent kick: YouTube - Taekwondo Kicks : Taekwondo Crescent Kicks