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  • morning WO and sprinting tips

    Hey folks!

    each morning i get up and head out the door at about 8-8:30. Just around the corner from my place is a little park where ive started doing WO's and sprints. Its really good because there is a triangular patch of grass, say maybe 30 meters by 20 by 20 and i have come up with a few alternative WOW's myself. for example, sprint the 30meter stretch, drop and do 15 pushups, then 20 lunge squats along one of the 20 meters, then jog the final 20 meter stretch. Repeat for 10 cycles. Ive also got one where i just alternate sprinting and jogging for 10 minutes.

    Im wanting to do something like this every morning, ive found that on days when i do a harsh 10 minutes worth of exercise in the morning, i have much more energy throughout the day and also more discipline, im not reaching for the luscious coconut bark in the freezer every hour or dreaming of devouring a mountain of apples (my weakness) or nuts (my other weakness)

    so basically my question is: is it too much to do the above mentioned workouts or similar sprint/body weight exercise combos once every day? my aim is to build strength and cut down on BF %.

    and follow up question: does anyone have any other suggestions for my triangle workout?

    muchas gracias a todos desde Barcelona!

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    Whether it is too much depends on the intensity and how it feels to you. Some people benefit from that sort of thing, for some people it would be too intensive and they would burn out. Just make sure you vary the workouts- there are a lot of bodyweight exercises you can incorporate to avoid overdeveloping some parts of your body.