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53 year old muscle mass

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  • 53 year old muscle mass

    Help! Im a 53 year old and while Ive improved my fitness level immensely over the 8 months using knowledge gained from MDA/PB, Stronglifts 5x5, and a variety of fitness activities. Despite all this my wife made a comment recently about my "man-boobs" and my soft physique. She threw me a bone and said my arms looked good but everything else needs work. I love her and appreciate the feedback/motivation and I'm discouraged about not being able to pack on and maintain more muscle mass. I need some suggestions from someone in my age group who has broken the barrier. Please do not reply if your 45 years or younger. The body does weird things at my age and ability to respond to muscle building workouts seems to be one of them. Currently I do a Strong-lifts 5x5 routine for one hour 3 times per week and the rest of the time I"m either running, hiking or cycling. I lift as heavy as possible but not to total exhaustion, but I work hard. I suspect that diet may be the culprit as I find it difficult to pack on big protein meals other than Chicken constantly and on some days I eat only two meals and graze the rest of the time. Any serious recommendations for me to really pack on a strong, muscled physique that can be maintained? I work hard and want to show off the results. Don't we all?

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    I am 68. After about 9 months, I still need to lose some abdominal fat but otherwise I am fairly lean. I do the minimal pb exercise. Once a week aqua aerobics with sprints. Thirty to forty five minutes a day of brisk walking. Some lifting once in a while.

    I imagine diet is the issue for you. Could you post more details?
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      I have been weight training & doing aerobic exercise for four years now. Have 12% body fat & 48bpm resting heart rate. fit but would like to build some muscle.


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          I'm 56, but frankly, I don't think it's that much different for me at this age than it was at 35 or 40 -- but then, I've been lifting pretty consistently over the decades. I do know that recovery takes a lot longer.

          First thing -- from a divorced guy -- assuming you totally ignore the wife's comments. How do you feel about your progress? I read something about "immense gains in eight months." But, then "not being able to pack on muscle." Were your eight months a great success or an abject failure.

          Out of curiousity, how much muscle did you realistically expect to pack on in eight months? And, how are you measuring your gains?

          There's not enough to go on regarding your diet. I'm not real big on loading up with protein. I think if you're following the PB plan, you'll be fine.

          I'm no personal trainer, but the training regimine you describe sounds counterproductive. If you're lifting the 5x5 heavy, that would suggest you're looking to build strength. But the running and cycling, as you described it, would lead me to believe you're close to chronic cardio. The hiking sounds fine. If it were me, looking to build strength, as opposed to muscle or endurance, I'd keep with the 5x5 and ditch the running and cycling (if it's cardio style) and stick with hiking.

          If the man boobs thing is a fat loss issue I'd probably replace one of the 5x5s for more hiking. Case in point, Sumo wrestlers have man boobs, and they're probably built like NFL linebackers under all that fat.

          Bottom line if I were on an 8-month program and improved my fitness level immensely, and I was still improving, no way would I give it up. Maybe I'd tweak it a little, but definitely I'd stick with it.

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            I agree with Jim, if you really want to gain mass you should cut back on the cardio.