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Ouch my hamstring!

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  • Ouch my hamstring!

    Was doing 100 yard dashes this morning, mid-stride it felt like a charlie-horse in my hamstring. No pops, just locked up. Now I can hardly walk, no way I can stretch it. I can’t bend over to pick anything up. This sucks, because I had knee surgery on knee of same leg in Oct and sprints were getting painless and I am beginning to fly! What do I need to do?

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    Well, personally, if it was severe enough that I couldn't walk, I would go to the doctor and have it evaluated. Foregoing that, rest-ice-compression-elevation is the typical treatment.. and NSAIDS. Hamstrings injuries are tough, they take a beating during sprinting, and it is easy to reinjure them. If you've got any swelling or bruising, I would definitely go to the doctor!