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6 Pack Abs??

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  • 6 Pack Abs??

    I want to go on a diet so that I can lose body fat so that my abs will appear. I don't want anything really drastic because I'm not overweight. I was wondering if you could recommend a certain diet or way to eat. Also, what is the goal body fat percentage I should be aiming for if I really want to unveil my six pack.

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    Read the Primal Blueprint, while you wait for your copy, read Mark's Daily Apple
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      From my experience, simply eating primally will not get you much below 10% BF, not enough to have sharp abs. It's certainly possible, but a fair amount of cardio would be involved.

      A better way (my opinion) is leangains or just doing a daily or weekly intermittent fast. Either fast for 16 hours each day (skip breakfast), or do 1 or 2 weekly 24 hour fasts (Eat Stop Eat).

      For most guys, unless you do a ton of ab work, a good six pack won't show up until about 8%.


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        I got below 10% just following the guidelines here...


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          leangains don't work for everybody. It was putting too much stress on me. Everyone is different though. I wasn't recovering fast enough and i was crashing/storing fat. You can get below 10% with tweaking (unless you have very stubborn genes or some sort of health issue), i say tweaking but its really just figuring out what your body is asking for (there was something holding me back, it was either eggs, nightshades, or dairy, i cut em all out and iv'e been leaner and no gut pain, going to add them back one at a time to see what doesn't irritate me with the aid of gut healing stuff for a while). Every time i make the most progress i find out that i just need to eat clean(er) and reduce stress and my body will do what i want.... except for getting rid of allergies, but even then i'm at least keeping them under control (less inflammation) which is something iv'e never been able to say before.


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