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Primal Fitness and Lupus

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  • Primal Fitness and Lupus

    I wonder if anyone has experience with the effects of primal eating/fitness on Lupus? I know that I need to ratchet up the intensity of my fitness strategy but am unsure of how to do this. The issue: when I don't move verrrrrrry slowly into training - the pain-switch turns on and it is difficult to turn it back off. (I don't take any meds for lupus or for pain). This is a very variable situation - and after almost 15 years, I am still unsure of triggers for flares (intense ongoing pain, weakness and exhaustion).

    I'm great with 'moving frequently at a slow pace' with walking 30-60 minutes 3-6 days/week (weather allowing) and with hiking a few times/month in spring/summer/fall. It's the 'lifting heavy things' and even more 'sprinting' that has me a little hesitant. I try not to compare myself against others - or against my previous abilities since flares (which last anywhere from days to months) will push back any progress I've made.

    Any suggestions are most welcome!

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    Here's a link to a previous thread with good info:
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      Thanks, Dragonfly! That's was really helpful. I've sent the link on to two others as well who are dealing with autoimmune disorders and have been reluctant to change diet to something more healthful and sustainable.