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  • Your thoughts/advice (running with toddler)

    I've found that, while I love lifting weights, I tend to slack if I have no short-term goals. I really need to get more cardio in, I hate to run but I think that's more because I've been heavy for so long that running just isn't fun. I've read so many awesome stories of people who sound just like me who got into jogging and running and now love it and I want to start pushing myself the way they have.

    There is a 10k run in August I am thinking of signing up for. No idea how to train for it but I figure if I just get out and start jogging slow it will come (plus there's the internet and the local library to get info from.) Here's the kicker-I have a 1 year old and no one but dad to watch her, and he'd like to train/run the race with me. So, my questions are:

    For those of you who run races-do you ever see someone with a baby in a sling or wrap jogging along to?

    How dangerous is it going to be on my joints to be packing around an extra 18+ pounds?

    Is it a stupid thought to be carrying a toddler along for miles and miles? I image Mama Grok had to and I'm sure my kiddo would love the change in scenery but not sure if I'm taking primal too far, or if I should get a jogging stroller and somehow find a babysitter for race day.

    Anyhow, any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    I walk with a baby/toddler in a wrap on my back all the time. Hours and hours if we're at the zoo or museum or something. We both love it, and I haven't had any problems with the extra weight on my joints. However, I do not jog with the baby on my back. It just seems too bumpy for the kiddo. With a small baby (my little one was about 3 months old when we were walking about 2 miles 3 days a week) they don't have enough neck strength to counteract the bouncing. For a toddler it just seems uncomfortable. I would get a jogging stroller. They have shocks built in so baby gets a smoother ride, and are designed for easy maneuverability. Many races would let you take the stroller if finding a babysitter isn't an option for race day.


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      Up until a few years ago I would take my daughter to races with me. We had a jogging stroller and it woked great. Not only that but you can bring extra water/jackes or what ever it is you wish you had with you. I haven't seen anyone with a sling though.


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        Jogging stroller yes, sling NO. NO NO NO. Your baby's neck and spine are not meant to withstand that kind of jostling.

        If you can't find a race day sitter, check with the race director some races allow baby joggers in the race some do not.
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          Even if mama grok had to run with her babies periodically, she was probably hanging onto them for dear life (less jostling when clutched close with head support) or they grew up accustomed to it and their neck muscles were buffer.

          Either way it wasn't necessarily good for them -- and what if you trip or somebody cuts you off? Eek. I'd stick with the stroller.
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            Ack, I hadn't thought of jostling (that's what I get for watching professionals run, they look like gazelles, all nice and smooth). Thanks guys! Any other advice (what else am I not thinking of??)
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              I was just out today running over fields with a toddler (my mom had him for a friend so now we just all count each other as family). The kid can run the race, and he's more likely to finish than you are. Bring the sling as a back up plan, but you won't need it.
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                The kid's a year old. Even at 16 months, a 10k race...?
                "Trust me, you will soon enter a magical land full of delicious steakflowers, with butterbacons fluttering around over the extremely rompable grass and hillsides."


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                  Stroller all the way. You can even get those plastic windsheild hood thingies that attach so weather is no big deal at all. My 2yo (almost 3), BEGS me to run when she's in her stroller. She loves the rush of air through her wispy hair. She gets mad when I slow to a walk, LOL. Sorry, hon. Mommy's a Quarter Horse, not a Thoroughbred (built for speed, not for distance)
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                    LOL!!! Dr Bork, I love you!!! You just made me snort tea. Quarter horse....LMAO!!!!!!! That is awesome!!
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