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When to go beyond the carb threshhold

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  • When to go beyond the carb threshhold

    Fellow Primaltiers, I have a conundrum.

    I am now more active than I have ever been, playing basketball daily, aggressive strength training (compound bodyweight exercises) every other day, and occasionally swimming.

    Is it still in my best interest to stay below 150~ cards? (I'm going to assume no).

    Besides sweet potatoes (which I enjoy), what other primal foods are carb loaded? (don't tell me dark chocolate).

    In the meantime I'm gonna go squat a deer.

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    If you find your recovery is suffering, then definitively yes. If not- see if you feel better with some more carbs. That's where I would start for now. (All this assumes underlying health.)
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      'Primal' is manifestly low carb in the first place.
      You could try more fruit and veg but you'll still struggle to get a lot of carbs in.
      If you find yourself gassing out, include more squash veg.
      Nothing wrong with (clean) carbs - if you're earning them.


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        Oh, I'm earning that banana for sure.

        Your picture of bear grylls is fantastic sir.


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          I'd fuel the activity Primaly but also try to dial in being partially glycogen deleted on average. If you time Dextrose properly it can be a reasonable "tool" to learn to use. Even a bit during prolonged high activity, like a basketball game, really shouldn't hurt if you burn it and leave the stores a bit empty the rest of your day. Would probably make the lifting more beneficial for adding/maintaining muscle instead of it being a means to recover any muscle lost from prolonged fasted(glycogen depleted) activity. Feeling mild symptoms of over training would be a good way to gauge if you need to up carbs or get more rest. If you are happy with your muscle mass, then it would be wise to keep tabs on it to make sure you're not losing any, and adjust appropriately.