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  • dealing with chaffing

    Hey all,
    So I know that some of us here have more body fat to lose than others. I myself am shooting for about 100 lbs of body fat. Well with the PB plan to move frequently at a slow pace and to sprint occasionally
    this proves to be a difficult proposition in the summer time for the heavier of us.

    I know I am not the only one that suffers from what I like to call the “fat kid chaffing”. Anyone who suffers from this issue in the summertime knows exactly what I am talking about. The constant rubbing of the upper thighs and groin region can lead to crippling chaffing. I have been crippled for several days before from this and when I had to walk I look like I just got off an elephant. Not to mention the chaffed skin and constant moisture can lead to jock itch and possibly other infections like folliculitis.

    So what are we to do to be able to remain mobile and not suffer? Well for many years I have gone baby powder and corn starch crazy to keep the area dry and lubricated. This works reasonably well and I can attest almost all my male friends have their “ball powder” of choice that they use in the summertime. But what about when it is 95 and 100% humidity and you are on the move all day, and wearing pants instead of shorts? Well you could re-powder frequently and once again it works reasonably well but is a huge PITA to carry powder with you.

    Well last summer I made an amassing discovery. I applied some gold bond brand medicated lotion to sooth my chaffed skin from a day of hiking the day before. Several hours later I went for a swim in my pool and low and behold that region felt like it was covered in olive oil. So the next time I went hiking I started my day with applying the gold bond lotion to that region of my body, it soaks into the skin in about 10 minutes. While hiking, as I started to sweat the region of my body that I applied lotion to just became more and more lubricated and prevented chaffing all day long.

    Anyway long story short I begin every day now after my morning shower with applying some gold bond medicated lotion to my groin region and have not suffered any chaffing since in over a year. I have tried several other creams and lotions but for some reason the gold bond seems to work the best for me.

    Anyone who suffers like I did I highly recommend you give it a try. But here is a very important tip… buy the gold bottle of gold bond lotion… not the blue extra strength, unless your masochistic that is

    I would also love to hear other ideas, thoughts and comments.

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    Yeah, this ws definitely a pain. It seemed to get me whenever I would go someplace like Disneyland or a county fair and be walking around all day. Eventually I did some online research and found a product called Bodyglide. It's similar to a deoderant stick that you rub on your thighs before exercise. This stuff works wonders as well as I never have any issues whenever I use it. I still keep it around, but after having lost significant weight it's not much of an issue. So there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks for sharing what works for you! Good luck on the jouney.
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      Interesting... I've tried Bodyglide in the past, but the Gold Bond is easier to find and I think it would be cheaper, so I might give that a shot.

      When I'm exercising I usually wear skin-tight shorts or capris that completely cover my thighs, for that reason. It's mostly a problem when I wear a skirt during the summer. Ouch. Even when I got down to 120 lbs, my thighs still touched, although the pressure was less so the chaffing was less severe. I suspect this will ALWAYS be an issue for me. *sigh*
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        I'm a proponent of biking shorts (without the chamois) for all occasions, even under summer skirts. Or good running shorts, which can be half the length of biking shorts, or even those silly "shaper" underwear that come in skin tones. Just get them in a size large enough that they don't pinch in your belly and make you uncomfortable, since your goal isn't so much shaping as anti-chafing. I also like Sportshield, which is like bodyglide. I found it at a running store. I believe it's made of silicon, so there's no grease or powder, just slick. It feels neat. It's cheap, and one container lasts forever. I always send some with my husband when he goes to the desert for a week.


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          Originally posted by Glockin Grok View Post
          “fat kid chaffing”
          i call it "fat leg."

          gold bond (triple medicated...yeah, i'm a little nuts) powder and lotions were saviors for me.


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            Good to head back from people. I never liked the silicone products for daily use because they stay slippery. I feel like they will show through my dress pants at work sort of like vasoline did when I tried that once. The gold bond "absorbs" into your skin in 10 min and you feel normal... but as soon as you sweat a little the lotion residue on your skin becomes mighty slippery. Then when you go back inside and sit down in the A/C and you dry a bit the lotion reabsorbs and you feel normal again.



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              Bodyglide is awesome. I have to order it, but it's worth it. My legs are really close together, even when I'm very thin my thighs touch. Bodyglide on my inner thighs lets me wear dresses in the summer without ending up in awful pain by the end of the day.


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                I 100th bodyglide. I use it for my biking and it is designed for the job anti-chaffing. Runners can have issues thighs and even nipples, swimmers with wet suits and then bikers like me the butt. I will work. I have used it on my daughters feet in summer shoes as well.


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                  Last summer i had an issue with chaffing, last summer i was 50 lbs heavier. Just did a hike and i still have chasing wtf? i'm really not overweight now (maybe 10%-14% BF currently), i blame my genetics. Thanks for the advice though, i will be employing it this summer.


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                    I hate chub rub! It's ruined several pairs of jeans for me :<
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                      Look into "Underarmour Heat Gear" underwear. Get the boxerbrief 9inch. I got mine specifically to stop heat rash/chafing and have literally never once had it since I started buying these. Yes they are $20 but I promise they dont disappoint.