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strange pain - advice needed!

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  • strange pain - advice needed!

    hey guys,

    so i have noticed recently that have developed a strange pain when im doing barbell curls. whilst doing the exercise everything is fine but as soon as i go to put the bar down on the floor and begin to release my grip, i get a shooting pain right up the outside of my forearm, only on my right arm.

    its really strange - it doesnt feel like a muscular pain so what else could it be? i have looked around on the internet and not been able to find any reasonable answer.

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    lateral epicondylitis maybe?

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      It's natures way of telling you not to do barbell curls.
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        Kindly provide the following information in order to advice you better.
        The area you forget to mention where are you feeling the pain?
        how long you are feeling this pain?


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          Hey tommyho1,

          That sounds a little like tennis elbow inflammation, and a little like trigger points. I'm no doctor, but I have had excruciating elbow pain in the past - and here's what I found out about how to treat tennis elbow.

          Massaging trigger points is a simple and cheap way of seeing if the pain's tense-muscle related. And it helps me with a ton of my own muscle pain!

          If the page above doesn't help, you should try seeing a doctor. Especially if the pain has been getting worse for a long time. Getting hurt isn't any fun, but getting a chronic overuse injury (and recovering from it) is even less fun.

          I hope this helps,


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            the pain is pretty much all the way from my wrist up to my elbow along the outer "side". it only lasts for about 5 seconds and it only happens when i put the bar down and release my grip.