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Posture improvement?

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  • Posture improvement?

    I've had horrible posture FOREVER, and I hate it.

    Any suggestions for how to improve it? Muscle groups to target?

    I've been focusing on core and shoulders so far. I'm thinking I should do more back/lats. Maybe glutes?

    I'm honestly just guessing. I'd love any input.

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    Take a yoga class: Mountain pose is pretty much perfect posture--pretend you have a string attached at the top of your head pulling your whole body taller and straighter, arms relaxed to the sides, pelvis turned under, stomach scooped in, chest out.

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      Get good at OH squats, deadlifts and australian pull ups.
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        Here's a few good stretches to help relieve the "office worker hunch".


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            Esther Gokhale also has a very good book.


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              Horseriding also does wonders. When I was a kid(well, a younger kid) I used to slouchand slump everywhere, but since I've been riding I find myself sitting straight most of the time... slouching is just uncomfortable nowadays xD
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                I started practicing yoga (and belly dancing) several months ago and have noticed a remarkable improvement in my posture! There was a recent post on MDA about strengthening your 'inner corset' and several past ones on improving posture through core exercises.
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                  Yoga and kettlebell training are great. For more serious postural issues, Rolfing can be great.

                  Also, (and this is something I'm just learning about) underdevelopment of the maxilla (upper jaw) affects airway development, leading to forward head pitch in order to help breathing. This totally throws the posture off! It also can affect the ear canals and foot posture. So many of us have this issue due to poor nutrition, esp. prenatal (think about Weston Price's research).
                  I'm learning all about "epigenetic orthodontics", which seeks to correct these underdevelopment issues. It's rocking my world, LOL!