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Sore muscles / Water retention / Inflammation?

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  • Sore muscles / Water retention / Inflammation?

    Hi guys,

    I have been stepping up my LHT game and my last workout left me pretty sore. Definitely not so sore that I could barely move, but quite sore. Anyway, I noticed that I'm holding on to a little bit of water since then and was wondering if anyone else experiences water retention after a good workout.

    I drink water pretty frequently so I'm not sure I could pin this on dehydration.

    Also, I was wondering if this was a response from increased cortisol as I also feel a little inflamed (gums ever so slightly sore (not bleeding), which happens sometimes before I get sick). I don't feel sick otherwise, just slightly less strong in my muscles.

    So if you've got some experiences/thoughts/research references on this, I would surely appreciate it! Just trying to understand the phenomenon because it seems that if we are trying to lessen inflammation in our lives, how does LHT play in if its causing this type of response?

    I am a healthy 25 yo female with no health problems or indicators to speak of. Good to excellent aerobic fitness, but wanting to build some good, lean muscle.


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    The soreness, puffiness will diminish as you get used to strength training.

    There is a difference between inflammation and the micro tears you cause when strength training.


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      Yes, muscle soreness absolutely causes you to retain water. It's not big deal though, and part of the healing process that builds stronger muscles.


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        When you hurt the body inflammation is the healing response. They way you're causing inflammation benefits you in a healthy way. Very different then chronic inflammation via diet.