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Tabatas on Spin-Bike?

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  • Tabatas on Spin-Bike?

    Anyone ever try Tabatas on a spin-bike? Any advice on technique and resistance? Do you think it's as effective as Tabata running sprints? Thanks for any feedback!

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    Tabata's were originally done on a bike.

    Tabata sprints are an adaptation of the bike workout.

    I do them when I'm at work and do sprints when I'm at home (24 hour shifts).

    On the bike is actually a little harder.
    2 minute warm up

    8 Rounds of:
    30 seconds sprint 100% effort
    90 seconds 50% effort

    2 minute cool down.

    It's harder to me than the sprints are but I have MS and my legs hold me back sometimes when I'm stumbling near the end of a sprint. I'm able to put more effort into it with the bike because of this.


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      Thanks for this info. I'm going to try some modification of it tonight.


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        I agree that they are killer on the bike. When I was doing them last year, I cranked the resistance pretty high for the work intervals, but not so high that I was "climbing". I slowly lowered the resistance once or twice as my legs fatigued to the point that I had to start climbing and then actually did stand up at the end of the interval. It's definitely just as taxing if not more so than actual sprints.