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  • Grok squat

    I am sure this topic might have been broached at some point but I'm pretty new to the forums (not the site itself) and wanted to know if anyone had any ideas.

    I was watching the beach sprint video where inbetween Mark drops down into his squat position to rest. My problem with this resting position is that I have never (even as a little kid) been able to keep my heels on the ground! Any tips for finally being able to achieve this position? Thanks!

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    Do a Google on ankle flexibility... I don't have a secret, magic trick :lol: Trying getting into the Grok squat is probs a good idea too


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      I would say just practice the 3rd world squat! Hold on to something with your hands and try and sit back as far as you can, keeping your heels on the ground and wriggling your toes once in a while :P Then just hang out in this position for a minute or more and gradually lower your hips. Repeat a few times a day every day.


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        It's all about center of gravity. Get your butt as close to you feet as is comfortable, and try to get your shoulders over the center of your feet.