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  • Noisy joints

    All my life i have clicked and popped when i stand up, i always say i have "bad knees" however there is no pain associated with the noise. Recently i began weight training and i am constantly cracking and popping in my shoulder joints during presses, knee joints during squats and my upper middle back the day after rows or deadlifts. What is the cause and is it a problem? How do i stop it?

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    Usually nothing to worry about.

    joint cracking Johns Hopkins Orthopaedic Surgery

    Why Knuckles Crack and Joints Creak | LiveScience
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      My left elbow clicks like crazy whenever I'm doing push-ups but my physiotherapist told me not to worry about it.
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        A lot of people said that their cracking went away (in the "Weird Little Bonuses" thread). My knees crack and one hip lets off a series of cracks when I open it after a long day. I was hoping that would go away, but no luck so far.


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          When I started doing pushups and pullups about a year ago (after a long hiatus), I was Snapping, Crackling, and Popping like Rice Krispies. This was especially noticeable with pullups, where the noises would come from my wrists, elbows, shoulders, back, and ribs.

          The noises have subsided dramatically since then. Still, it seems that every other workout session, one of my shoulders or elbows (or knees/ankles when doing squats) will click on just about every rep. Other days there is very little sound at all. I've given up trying to diagnose it for now, as it doesn't seem to be harming me in any way that I can notice.


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            My knees just recently stopped clicking when I squat. I don't know if it's some mysterious benefit of this diet, or more a case of increased joint stability due to the exercise routine itself.
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              I`ve had the same problem for a few months now in my knees. I increased the intensity and weights significantly in my leg workout routine and I thought that was they reason for the cracking noises. I took a month off from high impact activities, and stopped working out my legs for the time being. About 3-4 weeks, my knees were still making noises. I take fish oil and joint supplements and still nothing.

              There's no pain so I`m just gonna resume my leg workouts and plyometrics. The noise is just a little unsettling to hear lol.


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                I have always been told it's not a problem. I have RA and had very noisy joints. Since going primal and eliminating nightshades my joints are generally very quiet now. You could try nightshade free for a bit to see if it helps - no potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant...etc. You have to be pretty strict for at least a few weeks I think to tell a difference.
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                  As gilgamesh said, it is just unsettling to hear lol. My gym buddy cringes when he spots me on the bench press because it is fairly loud. I guess just like everything else ill listen to my body (literally) to see if it gets worse or if it begins to hurt, otherwise ill just put up with it an enjoy my peppers. Thanks all for the help.


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                    Oh man, I crack and snap like crazy when I do practically anything. Especially anything to do with the hips. You're not alone.


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                      I am a snap, crackle, pop kind of gal. The rule of thumb is if it hurts, it is bad. As you build strength it might diminish.

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                        My knees and one of my elbows are the same...I thought yoga would help, but nope. Weight training? Nope. Rock climbing? Definitely not, lol. PB eating? Nope. It is what it is bro
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