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  • Swimming

    I had a knee injury awhile ago and so walking and biking are still limited and lead to soreness. I have been trying to swim as my "moving slowly" activity. Does anyone else do this with swimming? Its hard to tell how high my heart rate gets, but I am doing my best to feel it out and think I am keeping it under 75% max. Just wanted to hear other people's experience with this, if there is any..THANKS

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    I like swimming as a "move slowly" because I simply enjoy being in the water, but definitely, for someone recovering from that sort of injury, it would be a good option to either swim or do water walking. I know after my knee injury that I could easily aggravate it until it was properly rehabbed, and being in water felt good because it took some of the strain off.

    That said, keep working at building up walking and biking. My physio had me do the stationary bike for a while because it did help improve strength and mobility along with my other exercises, even if it was only for a few minutes a day. You'll gradually be able to do more if you work it over time. Ideally, you want to work until it is tired (maybe slightly achy) but not seriously painful.
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      I'm a swimmer. Always have been (used to compete in high school etc) And it causes me to be leaner than anything else I do out there. If you have a leg injury I suggest you get a pullboy to put between your legs and then pull yourself through the water with your arms. You'll get a great upper body workout without disturbing your leg. Good luck!!