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  • Groin pain

    I've only just thought of posting this here, as I haven't visited for a while.

    For a long time, I have had a pain in my left groin/hip area. At the top where thigh joins the pelvis is the best description I can give!

    It is a stinging pain, and happens when squatting, or moving my leg out elevated.

    Also if you can imagine lying on your back, with your left foot against your right knee (Almost like the number '4'), that hurts.

    I've seen a physio, stretched, started Carlson's fish oil, but to be frank nothing has really made a difference.

    It's really buggered up my strength training.

    Does anyone have experience of ultrasound/active release technique etc?

    Any advice is welcome.

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    Groin pulls are tough. They really need rest to heal from my experience. Are you male? If so, I would check with your doc to rule out the possibility of an inguinal hernia as well. Sorry!


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      Apologies, I forgot to say that I have already been to the Doc's and had the joys of the cough test. Thanks for the suggestion though!

      I rested it all over Christmas (It's been that long!) so I don't think it's going away of it's own accord.


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        Hmm...what about that elctro-pulse therapy thingamajig? I know...that was the super technical way to describe it. ;-) I know folks who say it is like magic for muscle injuries. Something to ask the physical therapist about maybe?


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          Worth mentioning, if only to see the look on their face to the phrase "electro-pulse therapy thingamajig"!