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  • standing desk for transcriptionists

    Hey everyone! I'm studying to be a medical transcriptionist and as such I spend most of my day sitting at my desk. I'd like to move to a standing desk, but my only issue is that we use a foot pedal in this profession. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can use my foot pedal while standing? I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out how to do this, and coming up with nothing. :/

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    I can imagine two ways to use switches with the legs while standing:
    a) lifting the heels
    b) moving the knee

    Both probably do not work with the existing pedals, and would require specialized equipment.


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      I don't do transcription, but I'm a scopist (editor) and require audio for my editing, which involves a foot pedal. My thought was PatrickF's a) option. If you elevate yourself and put the pedal such that you aren't angling one foot upwards, you could do it. You'd need to build something at home, though, but it wouldn't be more than 4" high. A small platform with a slight ramp for the pedal, basically.

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