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Spinal fusion and flexibility

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  • Spinal fusion and flexibility

    I have a spinal fusion from T4 to L4 due to scoliosis. Was corrected 18 years ago when I was 15. I've really had no issues with the fusion, other than I'm convinced that my remaining curve cause both my kids to be breech, and thus had c sections. I was fortunate they were able to place a spinal for my first delivery, but unfortunately were unable to for the 2nd, and I was put under general. I had back pain with my pregnancies, but I honestly feel it was par for the course, and not really related to my fusion. It's since resolved.

    Obviously I have little flexibility in my back, which is fine, but one thing I've dealt with it extremely bad flexibility in my hamstrings. I've been moderately active over the years since the fusion..ran cross country the year after my fusion healed, have lifted weights without issue, swim, etc. I've tried stretching the hamstrings out, but never stuck with it. But I cannot touch my left leg is really bad. If I do a side hurdle stretch on the ground, I can't even come close to touching my toe...I am probably a good 10" from it at max stretch.

    I guess my question is, if I really work on the stretching, is it even possible to stretch them out? Is it worth it? The limited flexibility doesn't bother me for the most part. I'm sure it's from the surgery...before that I was in gymnastics as a kid and was crazy flexible.

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    yes, it can get more flexible. it's really about the pelvic tilt and quad strength that gets the hamstrings to open.

    i would suggest trying to find a yoga teacher who works with people with back issues (including fusion), and can modify the practice to access the right muscle groups.


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