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    The lengths I had to go to in order to try this, lol. I live in the suburbs, no open spaces around here to walk, but I wanted to give it a try. I live in GA, so walking on the pavement isn't really much of an option. Hot asphalt? So, I decided the only place I could really do this was at the gym, though I know I'd be kicked out for using the treadmill with nothing on my feet.

    I settled for walking in my socks, and, though I wasn't exactly feeling the earth under my feet, it was different in a good way until I took a break at 45 minutes and noticed the soles of my feet hurt like crazy! I guess I'll need to build up some calluses, lol.

    I had to put my shoes back on at that point, but that actually gave me the chance to judge the difference in the two. Barefoot walking does have a very different feel than wearing shoes which I found to be kind of pleasant. I'll see if I can build up my calluses and do more of this!
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    I love going barefoot and basically only wear shoes when I have to, which is basically anytime I go walking on the sidewalk near my house due to glass, dog turds and so on.

    I enjoy backpacking and often wanted to try a barefoot hike, but I don't think my feet could take it (we're talking carrying 40# or so, and walking 7 or 8 miles over rocks and other obstacles). When I do go backpacking, though, and make camp, as soon as I take off my pack I also take off my boots so while making camp and lounging I am always barefoot. There's just something so sensual and enjoyable about feeling the moss and leaves and sticks under my feet and between my toes. On shorter hikes when I am not carrying a ton of gear, I will often go barefoot as well for the same reasons.

    Sure, occasionally I will step on a sharp stick and have an "ow" moment, but it comes with the territory.

    I also have pretty heavy callouses on my feet, probably from wearing shoes less frequently than most people.