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    hi all,

    i'm seeking advice. i'm a total newbie to this way of exercising. my usual exercise consists of walking and yoga, even that can be challenging for me because of health issues. i have a lot of joint/muscle pain and fatigue and blood sugar issues. i'm starting primal to see if it can help with any of my health problems.

    i was hoping you might be able to suggest gentle activities that i could do to hit all of the marks in primal fitness. i really don't know what kinds of exercises to do. treat me like i'm a moron, i really don't know anything.

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    My wife does mostly yoga, pilates, and walking. When she does lift weights, its with dumbells. She's in tip top shape and very lean.
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      Read the PB Fitness pdf. It's a free download at the top of the Fitness forum. Will answer all your questions!
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        And if you search YouTube for the Paleo Blueprint channel, you will find Mark's videos demonstrating the exercises.


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          I'd stick to the walking and yoga but add one dedicated day to strength training... actually trying to get stronger. Use the pb fitness e book. Then as you feel comfortable, add another day of strength.


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            I would just do what you are doing until PB heals you enough that you feel able to do more challenging stuff - yoga is gentle, and it's a workout. When your joints feel better and you have more energy you will feel like going for a sprint or trying some pushups. You'll see, but give it a little time.
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              I also started PB with a lot of health problems, including fatigue and blood sugar issues. The blood sugar issues are now totally nonexistent, and the fatigue is better though not totally gone. If you haven't already, you may want to experiment with cutting out nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, and some others) since they are often associated with joint pain.

              Walking and yoga are a great start, and you should definitely continue doing them. They fall under the category of "move slowly," so you should be aiming for a minimum of 3-5 hours of this type of exercise a week. You could easily achieve 5 hours with 30 minutes of walking every day and two 45 minute yoga sessions. You can also swim, bike, hike, row, etc, as long as you're taking it fairly easy. I would also put vigorous house and yard work under this category too. Personally, I try to spend as much time "moving slowly" as possible - I'm stuck at a desk for most of the day, so I try to stay moving whenever I'm not. It helps keep my energy levels up.

              So, that leaves "lift heavy things" and "sprint." In terms of lifting heavy things, you can either do a free weight or body weight program 2-3 times a week. I currently do a body weight program because I can do it anywhere with minimal equipment. Your strength program will be scalable, meaning that it will change as you get stronger so that you are always challenging yourself. There are plenty of decent body weight programs out there, but starting with the Primal Blueprint Fitness eBook's 5 essential movements is just fine.

              In some ways, sprinting is the hardest part of the program, since it requires you to use max effort for short bursts. But, it has awesome metabolic benefits, you can always scale it to your level of fitness, and you only need to do it once a week for 15-20 minutes or so. Running may be too high impact for you, so you can try it on an elliptical machine, on a stationary bike, or in a pool. Hill sprints may also be an option, since running uphill is easier on the joints. Like with strength training, there are a number of different protocols you can use (Tabata, Fartlek, HIIT), but all of them basically consist of a warmup period followed by intervals of max (or near-max) effort alternating with intervals of recovery.
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                thanks for the suggestions, guys. i think i'll keep up with the walking and yoga and add some push ups etc... and very short amounts of something that approximates sprinting to the mix. i need to increase my tolerance without destroying myself for days. if you have any other suggestions i'm open
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                  I suggest water too, including reasonable water aerobics.
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