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Any older gals out there do stonglift?

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  • Any older gals out there do stonglift?

    I am nearly 60 and in need of a wt training routine to get me motivated. I have been lifting off and on for nearly 30 yrs but was slacking off these past couple of years. I don't bounce back as quickly as I did in my 30's though.
    Just wondering if there are any older gals out there that have used the Stronglift method. I went to the website but is all about men doing Stronglift. What happened to the gals?

    OOps looks like I forgot the R in stronglift in the title. Sorry.

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    I never heard of strongfit? is it like strongman or ironman? I've been lifting for over 20 years and I'm still doing it.
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      I'm 48, a former personal trainer. I used to lift, but my goals have changed and I'm now doing Mark's PB Fitness bodyweight workout, which is really working for me.
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        I started a slightly modified version of Stronglift this morning.
        StrongLifts 5x5: How to Gain Raw Muscle and Brute Strength |

        Since it is geared towards men I am doing the same exercises but am starting with lower upperbody wt. so I don't tear anything. I am doing the same as the men in the squats cuz I have always done heavy lifts for squats.
        Here is the entire workout;
        Workout A
        Bench press
        Barbell rows

        Workout B
        Overhead press

        I am writing more in my personal forum post here in a few minutes.