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Chest wall injury

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  • Chest wall injury

    I am part of the pull up challenge and have been doing assisted pull ups and chin ups trying to advance to doing one unassisted.

    I tried to do a negative pull up and on the way down felt a pulling sensation a bit stronger than I normally do when doing them assisted. I stopped saying to my self "no more of that".

    I noticed that feeling persisted and I felt uncomfortable but did not have the feeling that I pulled a muscle.

    about two hours later I was getting ready for bed and noticed in the mirror that I had a bruise under my arm pit and that it had swollen to 5 times the normal size. When I felt around that area I could tell that I had a very large hemotoma.

    Now I know I did not pull a muscle, I'd feel that. But I sure did damage something. I just can't figure what it is that I damaged. I must have torn some veins and allowed that blood to fill the area. Now I have a large purple bruise.

    I know given time it will all heal and I will be fine but i'd like to know what others think I damaged to cause the hematoma.

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    Holy crap!!! That is really impressive!


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      It does not hurt at all. It is just a large mass of blood. At this point I don't plan on doing as much as a single push up or pull up for six weeks. I also will see my doc.
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        +1 to seeing your doctor. I'd say the hematoma was caused by strain to blood vessels and tissues that were too weak to do the negative pull up; thus they tore, as you already suggested be the case. We could speculate all day, but based on one picture there's not much to talk about. I really have no idea what happened to you, lol, but that bruise is really impressive.

        See your doctor. Take the exercises slow. I hope you heal quick!
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