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Yoga help needed: slippery hands/feet

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  • Yoga help needed: slippery hands/feet

    After some convincing, I decided a few weeks ago to give yoga a try. I'm doing a drop-in beginner class at one of the city recreation facilities because I already have a pass there, and so far, I'm really enjoying it.

    My problem is that I have the most ridiculously slippery hands and feet. It's a huge problem for me everywhere--I have to chalk up to do pullups at the gym, my hands slide when I do pushups (and I leave sweaty handprints on the floor), and when I used to do martial arts, my feet would slip on the rubber flooring in the dojang.

    One of the staff at my local trendy yoga shop showed me the fancy grippy mat toppers but suggested I try an ordinary towel first before I spent so much money. That's working for my hands, although I have to move it out of the way to do standing poses (I use it just at the front of the mat). I have a pair of VFF Performa Janes (basically a very soft leather foot glove with thin rubberized bits under the ball, heel, and toes) that are keeping my feet from sliding too much. To me, they feel a lot like my old dance shoes but with separated toes. I feel a bit odd wearing them in class, though, where everyone seems to be barefoot or in socks.

    Any suggestions for what to do? Am I being terribly inappropriate by wearing the Performas?
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    i recommend two hand towels -- one at th front and one at the back of your mat. Just use them. Don't worry about moving them out of the way throughout the practice, until you get down to where your face would be on the front towel. then remove that towel (and if you want, put a third, clean towel in that spot).

    the next step is actually learning how to properly ground, and making sure that your overall equipment is good (if you get into it, you'd want a mat plus astanga rug, which you then wet before practice starts. and i would recommend the Jade Harmony eco mat as your base).

    but until then, two hand towels will do just fine.