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    I've been doing crossfit for about 2 years now and to be fully honest I'm stuck in a rut with it. I'm starting to think is it really worth it? I find its putting me under alot of stress and causing alot of problems.

    I took time out to do SS and got great gains from it, and this has made me think, would a gym routine be better than crossfit? or is there any other road to take?

    Any ideas would be of great help and im open to any suggestions.

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    My only suggestion is that if it`s stressing you out it`s definately time for a change. Exercise should be something you enjoy and relieves stress, not the other way around
    "Anxiety is a sign of spiritual insecurity"


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      Do both? Absolute strength and metabolic conditioning are both important. Why not do a couple of strength sessions and a couple of met cons per week?
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        I understand the "stress" factor of cross fit. The gym nearest me has a real cult feel. Educate yourself on a variety of training techniques and trust yourself to put them to use. As long as you are disciplined and consistent, you will be fine working out on your own.


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          Good advice from Coach Palfrey. I was starting to feel kinda stuck in a rut, mostly because I wasn't following any sort of plan, so I recently started to use some of the principles of 5/3/1 to track my progress. I think it's a really solid program. Google it if you're interested.


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            Thanks for the advice everyone. I got the 5/3/1 PDF book and found it interesting. Unfortunately I just had a operation to have my appendix removed. It was poising my insides and had to have emergency surgery. Though they are providing me with food I'm trying to still eat as clean as I can in hospital. I plan to eat clean for the period that I'm not allowed to train. Start walking and moving slowly until I'm back on my feet.

            Light exercise after a few weeks , like step ups and lunges, then mix it up from there hopefully I can keep some body composition!