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    Has Mark commented about Triathlon training other than to call it chronic cardio? Is there a distance and method he would be OK with that he would think could serve to improve your level of fitness and therefore your life or is ALL sustained cardio events like this probably bad in his eyes.

    The reason I ask is because I like the sport and would like to do a few. I have one planned for this summer which is a 600m ocean swim, 2.5 mile beach and dune run and a 10 mile bike.

    I am a swimmer, I do fine on the bike and enjoy riding (especially mountain biking) but I hate to run (HATE). Is there some good advice on training for the sprint distance events?

    I have already realized that modifying my swim training to incorporate alot of short distance sprinting (up to 100yds) and some slower distance stuff can keep me in swim shape and indeed make me faster with alot less yardage. Workouts on my masters team average 4500 yards but I think 1500 of it is a waste of time and usually modify my workouts around that.

    Mnt Biking clearly helps my cardiovascular system with what I think is the equivalent of Mark's reccommended sprints regime. The short blasting climbs and then the recovery of the downhill gives my lungs and heart a great workout with what I perceive as measureable results.

    On to the run. I don't run. I have done some sprints recently but the weather is just breaking here so not a ton of them. Is there a 5k plan PB'ers follow. Would love to hear about it.


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    i did a sprint tri last summer...absolutely loved it. i didn't really train for it. i would go for a run every once in a while, or ride my bike (mountain...had to borrow a road bike for the race) to an ultimate game or something, and only went swimming one time before the actual race. i did ok...the swim was the hardest part for me. if you're already comfortable with the swim and bike legs, you'll probably do great.

    as for running, a pretty decent program is couch to 5k, which has you alternate between running and walking, and you progress each week for 12 weeks. if you're already fit, though, you could probably piece together your own program. measure out 3-4 miles and just go do it--run when you can, walk when you can't. it won't take you long before you're running the whole time.

    then you get can get into some brick training, which is doing two workouts back to back. don't worry about it being chronic cardio; my whole tri took just over an hour and a half, so training shouldn't take you too long, and you don't need to do it every day. good luck with the tri...keep us updates as to how things are going for you.


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      sprint tris are really fun, honestly, and over before you know it. LOL it's like you get to the end and go "wait, that's all?!" its fun!

      my process was to train via sprinting. that is, intervals for swimming, running, and biking. then just doing a sprint distance tri about once a month (that is, of my own, not a race) at a slow, comfortable pace. it was fun and easy.